Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Paris Travel Style

It's no secret that Paris is my favorite travel spot, as I've visited three times with family and spent a summer studying in the Ville Lumière in college. It has everything you need for a perfect getaway - art, culture, architecture, delicious food, nightlife, parks and, of course, fashion. Paris is known for spawning the maisons Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and much more and, as such, it's a veritable fashion headquarters. However, you might be surprised by the way Parisian women dress.


French women, especially Parisians, aren't particularly known for daring fashion and tend to focus on comfortable, sophisticated yet casual tried-and-true pieces. The typical day outfit seen on the métro and in the cafés is simply jeans, a blouse or well-tailored tee, a stylish coat and sneakers or chelsea boots. Make-up is generally understated, with a classic pair of sunglasses and natural wavy hair to complete the look. Of course, like every city there are some people who dress more boldly, but generally, your whole travel wardrobe for Paris can be casual.


For a Parisis getaway, don't forget these key pieces and take advantage of the laissez-faire style to mix and match and pack light. Perfect for bringing back souvenirs!

  • Your favorite jeans in black or blue.
  • Blouses and tees in neutrals and basic patterns. You'll see lots of black, white, grey, beige and navy in Paris style.
  • A classic leather jacket or bomber, and if it's even colder a stylish trench or pea coat
  • Crew-neck and cardigan sweaters
  • Casual sneakers like Adidas or Vans
  • Black booties in faux leather or suede. Be sure to rainproof!
  • A go-to pair of sunglasses and a purse-sizes umbrella
  • A simple cross-body or zip tote bag
  • Simple jewelry and scarves, hats and gloves as needed


There are a few items I would avoid if you prefer to blend in and not be pegged as a tourist if you travel. Like in most major cities, the less attention you draw to yourself, the less likely you'll be bothered or scammed.

  • Logo t-shirts (especially in English) and anything particularly bright and gaudy
  • Shorts or sweatpants
  • Statement jewelry and bright make-up
  • Short, tight and/or revealing dresses and tops
  • Visors, fanny packs...anything resembling a "tacky tourist" Halloween costume
  • Flip flops, Crocs, etc. Wear something comfortable and durable!
  • Cargo pants or leggings


Now, that's not to say that Parisian style is disappointing or boring. I love shopping in Paris for things that won't reach American stores until the next season, and getting ideas for future looks for women I spot on the street or shopping alongside me. Parisian style is uniquely no-fuss yet chic, and it's so fun taking what you learn from French style back home and beating everyone else to next year's trends.

What are your Parisian style rules?

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